A rugged galvanised steel housing suitable for installation of a TIRTL into a Barrier or Parapet. The enclosure provides a secure, waterproof and dustproof location for mounting a TIRTL receiver or transmitter unit.

The housing is available with a 10 degree or 20 degree front face to suit most common Jersey barriers styles. Housings to fit other Jersey barrier styles can be custom designed on request.

Barrier Enclosure – front & back

Key Features

  • Rugged high strength 10mm steel construction suitable for Barriers or Parapets
  • Standard 10° front face or 20° front face design
  • IP67 environmental rating (waterproof and dustproof)
  • Slide out mounting plate for easy access and alignment of TIRTL
  • Supports all revisions of TIRTL hardware
  • Internal vertical adjustment range of 130mm (TIRTL position)
  • Optional powder coated front plate with custom colours
  • Front plate flange supports easy grouting into Jersey Barrier or Parapet
  • Front plate mounts against replaceable gasket
  • Cable glands for entry/exit of all external cables
  • Replaceable front lenses and associated gaskets


A summary of the features and benefits:

Feature Benefit
10mm galvanised steel construction High strength for maintaining Barrier integrity
IP67 environmental rating Provides protection against water and dust ingress
Optional powder coating Powder coated front plate to custom colours
IP68 rated cable glands Provision of power and communications cables into housing (fitted on site as per field requirements)
Operating temperature range -40 to +85oC
Internal hardware mounting options Fibre Media Converter (single or multi-mode)
Internal mounting tray Assists alignment and maintenance activities

Enclosure Specifications

Specification Data
Front plate angle(s) 10o or 20o from vertical (depending on barrier type)
Weight 46 kg
Height 249 mm
Width 450 mm
Depth 380 mm
Housing body material 6 mm hot dip galvanised steel
Front plate material 12 mm hot dip galvanised steel
Window lens material Field replaceable 6mm thick IR transmissible acrylic
Window lens gasket 3 mm thick EPDM self adhesive foarm
Front plate gasket 6 mm thick EPDM self adhesive rubber

10O Front Face – Enclosure Dimensions

10 front face 0110 front face 02

20O Front Face – Enclosure Dimensions

20 front face 0120 front face 02

Specification Data
10o Front plate angled housing 294 mm (H) x 450 mm (W) x 380 mm (D)
20o Front plate angled housing 251.7 mm (H) x 450 mm (W) x 420.8 mm (D)