In 1998, the company began the development of an infra-red based vehicle counter, classifier and speed measurement product that became known as the Infra-Red Traffic Logger (TIRTL).

TIRTL is a unique light-based non-invasive vehicle detector, counter, classifier and speed measurement product available in either fixed site or portable configurations. TIRTL offers advanced traffic detection (ATD) features and performance not previously contemplated in the Intelligent Traffic Systems sector.

TIRTL is capable of operating in installations to cover uni-directional, bi-directional, or multi-lane traffic flow with a single system.

TIRTL consists of transmitter and receiver units on opposite sides of a carriageway. TIRTL uses two parallel and two cross beams below axle height to detect and classify passing vehicles. The system has a speed measurement accuracy with less than 1% error up to 250km/hr and precisely measures the number of axles, axle separation, wheel width and the front to back wheel width ratio to classify vehicles.

The first version of TIRTL was deployed in NSW, Australia, in July 1998.

As of today, CEOS has sold TIRTL to state instrumentalities in Australia and New Zealand, as well as through our partners in the USA, India, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and Europe.