A power system with 7Ah of standby battery designed to power two TIRTL pairs. The system is designed to be housed in a nearby Road Side Cabinet.  The standby battery allows any TIRTLs to overcome short mains power outages.

Power / Battery System



  • 7 amp hours of 12 volt DC standby battery
  • Rugged portable watertight  casing


A summary of the features and benefits:

Feature Benefit
Power supply Provides constant load protected voltage to a max. of two TIRTL pairs
Backup battery Provides protection against mains power down time
Low Voltage disconnect Protects connected TIRTLs
Reverse polarity protection Protects connected TIRTLs


Specification Data
Input voltage 190-264 V AC input voltage
Maximum current 3 Amps
Frequency 45-65 Hz