The Smart Rest Area (SRA) application tracks and counts HVs into and out of an SRA thereby updating its parking bay availability.

TIRTLs are located on the entry and exit to an SRA (TIRTL X1 and TIRTL X2) to count the number of HVs entering and exiting a site.

Each HV is identified with its axle pattern thereby enabling the application software to track each individual HV through a site and determine how long it has been parked.

The HV tracking improves the robustness of the system to any sensor errors.

A sign can be located approximately 1km before an SRA to display the number of parking bays that are available at the oncoming SRA and at all SRA sites further along the Highway.

There is a TIRTL installed approximately 100m (3 seconds @ 100kph) before the sign to trigger it to display the parking bay information for HVs only.

The HW TIRTL identifies HVs using their axle pattern to track them between the sign and SRA and also to track all HVs on the highway.

Parking bay availability system