The HARE is a powerful computing platform that delivers complex ITS integration such as monitoring, emulating or integrating traffic devices.

Internals of an Audit HARE


Once the HARE has been connected to the different Traffic devices, e.g. TIRTLs or Induction Loops, it is able to monitor and save all data sent by the devices. This saved data is then able to be used for analyzing the devices operation and status.


The HARE has the capability to emulate other devices, such as Inductive Loops, or piezo. Using vehicle details from the TIRTL it is able to produce the same output as a Loop or Piezo and forward it to other tools or applications, such as Incident management Systems or speed cameras.


The HARE has the capability to integrate TIRTLs and other traffic devices into complex solutions or applications than can be provided by a single device. It provides the key to tying together the different tools and co-ordinating their actions.


  • Integrate traffic devices into a single application allowing timing information to be logged in a single location

Key Features

  • Integrated ITS system controller, test and emulation system plus ANPR & IP camera trigger
  • Sensor inputs from are synchronised and logged for comparison
  • Integrates ITS inputs including camera triggers, VMS triggers, System states
  • Connects up to 3 TIRTLs
  • Connects up to 24 sensors (I/O) including inductive loops, piezos & other sensors
  • High impedance inputs do not affect sensor operation
  • All sensor & system data is logged and saved for later analysis
  • Waveform based graphical user interface for easy analysis
  • Communications via 3G/4G wireless and Ethernet
  • Emulates sensor operation whilst logging existing sensors
  • Logged data downloaded into TIRTLnet hourly